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Powerful comments to Pres. Obama

The letter of support for Pres. Obama continues to get additional signers and powerful, heartfelt comments: Tera Jones, 
”I still have faith in you and what you are doing for this country and the world. Please stay your course and … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake?

Sometimes it’s difficult to look at politics without being just a little bit cynical. Last night we posted the story about research confirming that as income inequality rises, poor American voters turn more conservative. Now, as relatively rational people, that … Continue reading

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As income inequality increases, U.S. poor become more conservative.

According to research findings in the October issue of the American Journal of Political Science, as the American income inequality becomes greater, low income homes become more politically conservative. “It’s a bit of a conundrum,” says Peter Enns, assistant professor of government at Cornell University. Continue reading

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Don’t compromise on progressive change.

In case you need another reason or two to lend your support and ask Pres. Obama to stand firm on progressive issues, Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has graciously indicated that he would be willing to “compromise” on the Bush tax … Continue reading

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Show President Obama that you still believe.

Please enter your name and information in the spaces below. Within several minutes, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from “I Still Believe”. Please click the link in that e-mail to confirm your signature. (If you don’t see the e-mail, … Continue reading

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Cool it?

The new global warming documentary, Cool It opens today. It’s based on the 1998 book, The Skeptical Environmentalist and 2007′s Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, both by Danish economist Bjørn Lomborg. This film by Academy Award-winning … Continue reading

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