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A burning issue moves to the back burner as Republicans deny, deny, deny.

According to research by Think Progress, 50% of the incoming GOP senators and representatives deny the existence of manmade climate change. Perhaps that’s not surprising when you realize that less than two years ago, Republican House leader John Boehner claimed, … Continue reading

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Please, President Obama, listen to us this time.

Mister President: We listened to you in 2004 and liked what we heard. We watched you for the next three years and liked what we saw. We were moved by your vision in 2008 and campaigned for you. We believed … Continue reading

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BP’s Tony Hayward must be enjoying this.

Remember this guy? Joe Barton is currently the senior Republican on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. He served as the Chairman of the Committee from 2004 to 2006. And is now probably in line to resume that position … Continue reading

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ChangeSurvive announces partnership with PlantMyPhone to recycle old cell phones … into new trees

Have a used cell phone that’s collecting dust? Turn your old phone into into new trees! Fresh Rocket will make sure that your old phone is responsibly recycled through the PlantMyPhone program. The process ensures that hazardous chemicals like cadmium, … Continue reading

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The Fable of the Third Planet

Please take a few moments to watch our new video, The Fable of the Third Planet. Written by Joyce Weaver, the story is a compelling look at the perils of ignoring the damage we are doing to our planet. Special … Continue reading

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Another opportunity

We believe that ChangeSurvive.com is the perfect vehicle for this message. For over 40 years, the government, and the people, of the U.S. have ignored one opportunity after another to change our addiction to oil. The OPEC oil embargo in … Continue reading

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