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Change we STILL believe in

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Dear President Obama:

We listened to you in 2004 and liked what we heard. We watched you for the next three years and liked what we saw. We were moved by your vision in 2008 and campaigned for you. We believed in Change. We voted for you in that historic November election. We stayed up that night and felt proud to be Americans!

Now, President Obama, it’s your turn. Your turn to listen to your supporters. Your turn to be moved by OUR vision. Because we still believe in YOU and the Change you campaigned for. You can find your strength in us as we have in you. We believe our country can be great again.

* We know the Great Recession was not your fault. But we also know that now is not the time for government to stop doing what only government can do to stimulate recovery. Please don’t compromise.
* We know the country needs jobs. Please don’t compromise.
* We know everyone in the country deserves health care. Please don’t compromise.
* We know the country needs clean alternative energy sources. Please don’t compromise.
* We know that climate change is a critical issue that must be dealt with now. Please don’t compromise.
* We know that improving education for all Americans is crucial for us to compete in a global marketplace. Please don’t compromise.
* We know that anyone making over $ 250,000 can afford to pay taxes. Please don’t compromise.
* We know that corporations and special interests should not be controlling the political discourse by spending unlimited dollars on elections. Please don’t compromise.
* We know that never again should Americans be “taken to the bank” by greedy gamblers on Wall Street and in our home-town banks. Please don’t compromise.

Barack Obama, you are our President. We support you and believe in you. Please listen to us, because we want you in the White House for eight productive years. Please don’t compromise.


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Don Weaver,
President Obama - our future is too fragile, too valuable, too threatened to compromise.

Joyce Weaver,
President Obama, we believe. Please don't compromise.

Pam Brisse,
Stand firm on progressive change. Do not let the country slide backwards. It's the wrong direction for all of us.

Tony Agee,
Just say NO!

Dr John Baker,
Do NOT compromise our future !

God Bless you and your Family, Mr. President...HELL YES WE CAN!!

Cathy Olten,
We still believe in you!! Don't give up on us!! Please don't compromise.

leslie Gildart,

Cecil Loren Woolley,
Don't compromise to the GOP GREED machine , let's get this country back to being the greatest nation on earth and not the most in debt. I fell sorry that all those poor poor rich people don't have enough money yet, but face it they never will, you need to stop this greedy BS NOW !!

Katherine Allen,
I want the changes you talked about! That's why I voted for you! Don't let me down. We NEED you.

Benay Stein,

mary beaulieu,

Susan Wells,
Please don't give the wealthiest a tax break, not for another year or two, not ever! If you extend it temporarily, there is too much risk that it will become permanent under Republican rule. Please don't disappoint me any more.

Calvin Griffin,
Mr. President, please stand firm!

Shar Harley,

John Doyel,
Many Americans depend upon Social
Security and Medicare for their survival. Please don't compromise.

We want you to lead us to a kinder time where everyone wants to help one another.

Laura Sauter,

Daniel george,

E. Michael Silakowski,
Please don't turn your back on your base, we who elected you, to "compromise" w/those who didn't, & who'll support nothing you try to accomplish! you have the lame duck session to get a whole agenda through, make the g.o.p. work to thwart you ( & us... ).

micheal merline,

Beth Jones,
I have never lost the hope or inspiration I felt when I first heard you speak. The Republicans oppose you because they are afraid of you. You represent change that will benefit the country as a whole rather than a small percentage of entitled few. I know you need our help to do this which is why I will be actively writing letters to my congresspeople to let them know what is important to me.

Kathy McConaghie,
I still believe you are our best hope. Please stand for us.

Helen Casteel,
Mr. President, "You're a steamroller, Baby", and we're all gonna' roll with you. We love you, and trust you, all the way! Happy Holidays ~ Yes we can!

katrina tekavec,

Fay Easter,
Stand tall sir-NO compromise !

Robert Spruiell,
There is still HOPE for POSITIVE CHANGE!!

Helen Streett,
The American People HAVE spoken---but not by filling seats in the House with GOP, as Boehner and McConnell would have us believe. Those seats were BOUGHT and there are millions of us who know that.

What the American People want is for you to stand up to the GOP and their desire to reverse your administration's accomplishments. Don't let this happen! Please don't waste any more time on trying to negotiate. Please don't waste any more time trying to make concessions with plutocrats. Please don't sell us out!

Mr Obama, it's time for prosecutions: of Bush Admin for war crimes & of GOP/Chamber of Comm for campaign finance fraud. Your position of "leaving the past behind" assures such history will repeat itself. You're a rare, wonderful idealist. But when idealism replaces solid, tough, highly vocal leadership, the result can be political impotence.

They will not compromise. You simply can not.

Leslie Chasse,
I don't agree with quite a lot, but you're still my guy in the Big House. Would be nice though to see some backbone!

Georgia Mckenzie,
Unlike many of your critics, I get it that you're trying to govern, not grandstand. What we need are clear lines in the sand. You cannot compromise in people who are trying to destroy America. Say bipartisan as much as you have to for the press, just act more partisan.

Melissa Mahler,

Margaret Tobelman,
I believe... still...

Legalize industrial hemp!
Remember me from

Karin Craig,


Woody Woolcock,
Don't let the lazy guys who sit all day playing the stock exchange get away with cheating on their tax share!

linda Grant,

Byron Furgol, what your heart tells you to do

Jacob F. Keller,
I'm still with you. And will support you with any decision you make.


Boyd Wilson,

vivian drean,

Maria Wells,

TeresaLynn Zimmerman,
President Obama you are my hope and my dream for the next generations. I was an activist for MLK during Civil rights Days. With my entire heart I believe God prepared you, all your life to be President for just a time as this. I still have my marching boots on and ready to go full steam ahead with you and for America. GBU and your family. My unceasing prayers are said for you all 24/7!
sincerely, tresaLynn Zimmerman
San antonio, /Texas.


Luana Presler,
Also, please support the elimination of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Help find a path to citizenship for alien workers. Increase security at our borders, but cut down on the red-tape so the workers we so badly need can enter this country legally. Good luck with the war on idea how you should deal with that one, but I trust that you will do the best thing possible.

Pat Pendley,
Mr. President, please hear our voices. We do believe, and we believe that you should not compromise.

Kathryn Hopping,
Dear President Obama:
All of the above, and more: I am proud you are our President; grateful that you have accomplished what you have. The republicans will not compromise your defeat: that is all they want. And if you are defeated, then we are defeated; if your programs, which are our programs, are defeated, then hope will be lost and we will be lost. I believe in you; you can believe in me.

Michael Dart,
No compromise. You have my vote, my support and my actions.


Christopher Calkins,

Lisa Bowman,

Michael Jenkins,
Don't compromise.

Ceci Bopp,
We need more health care reform and an expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. We need an end to the wars. This is why I voted for you and it is still what I believe in.

Please don't let the right wing lies set the direction our country will take.

Kevin Karstens,
No idea if you will actually see this, Mr. President...but I have NEVER believed in an elected official the way I do with you....please do NOT compromise with the schoolyard bullies, they only want you TO FAIL, they have said so strong, lead us to a strong future as I KNOW you can.

Maricarmen Martinez,
Gracias for all you do for Latinos, and please do NOT keep the bush taxes for the wealthy.

Christine Hanson,

Ramo Tringo,
Mr President, more than 65% of Americans voted for you because we know you're genuine and want what's best for all Americans. Do not allow the Republicans to make you a one-term President by forcing you to go against the wishes of Americans who voted for you and still support you. I even wrote and produced a song to honor your victory.

sandi dillard,

Chad Henderson,

Susan Lynch,
I still believe, and I hold out hope for progress to win out.

Stan Denski,
Tell John Boehner if he wants a friend to get a dog. You have my vote in 2012, but if you extend the Bush tax cuts to the rich I don't feel certain that you will be re-elected.

Carolyn Youra,
I believe, now kick some butt!!

President Obama, please don't compromise. I believe in you and what you can do for me and my fellow Americans!


Mike McCoy,
This is my pledge of allegience. Thank you

Keep the faith in change....for all of us.

Mary Valori-Schmidt, RN,

Catherine Sampson Oliver,
Yes I still believe. I need to know do you? We the people do not want to compromise with the Republicans for it to come back to bite us later. We need you to keep fighting for the American people like you did when you were campaigning on our behalf. Stand your ground, NO COMPROMISE, NO NEGOTIATION!!!

Kent Wilcox,


Judy Cooper,
I know you will do the right thing for the tax cut, social security, Medicare, and health care. I feel you are the first President in a looooong time that really cares about the middle class. Thank you for all you have accomplished in just two years. Keep us moving forward.

Cheryl gilberg,

Joyce Hubbard,
Please remember that we're the ones who supported and continue to support you. Please don't see us out in a failed attempt to be bipartisan. Surely you've learned that the GOP isn't here to play nice with you. They're here to stop you and make you go away. Be strong.

Jean Marie Lacobee,
Yes, I still believe!!!!!

scott anna,

Gregg Bender,
Mr. President, All evidence shows that the Republicans don't want compromise. They want to destroy your Presidency. Please don't let them. Please draw a line in the sand and defend it. Our future and the future of our children and grandchildren depend on it.

chris martin,
do it for another surfer like yourself!

John Sotomayor,

john bolinger,
* We know that anyone making over $ 250,000 can afford to pay taxes. Please don’t compromise.!!!!!!!!!! You can count on losing my vote if you compromise of this.

johnny gomez,
keep up the good work Mr. President!

Cindy Pulis,
I know you will do the right thing. Please do not let us down....we still believe! Thank you.

Jeannie Capizzi,


William Hayes,
I'm a Republican but I voted for you last election and if you get back on your common sense plan of letting tax cuts expire for the rich while reining in expenditures, I'll vote for you again... but not if you fold again.

I am standing with you and preying that you don't change you are the hope we all believe in. I believe that you have done all of the things that you promised. I know what it is that the other-side do not like about and why they want to destroy you but please stand by your word and I we will stand with you.

Nancy Reese,
We're standing with you, Mr. President, please stand with us!




I believe in you:) You are an honorable man and I am going to fight to keep you in office come 2012!

Kathryn Reilly,

Corrie Gillikin,

Joe Seeman,
Yes we can - but not overnight.

Sheila DeRuzza,
Save the seniors their home. If they are retirng with a lump sum and under a certain income let them pay off their mortgage without getting taxed on the money from the lump sum retirement check.

I live in the deep south where being a Democrat is most definitely like swimming up stream.....BUT I STILL BELIEVE WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE....PLEASE DON'T COMPROMISE.....NOT NOW!!

Jacqueline Koiner,
Mr. President, I still believe in the Change you have made thus far and have hope for more with our unrelenting support. Please, don't lose faith in our resolve. We are with you all the way.

patricia Pike,
Compromise on the tactics not on the goal.
Please have your staff tell the details of the successes of your administration. Let them address the faulty reasoning and inconsistent bumper sticker statements that feed anger. We must feed hope and dreams and creativity

Patrick Finelli,
You need to get the message out that you saved the economy, lowered taxes for 95% of Americans and reformed health care. You can't let Fox News and the demagogues of talk radio demolish the achievements of your administration.

Ken Forst,
Sir- I am upset, because lately it seems that (uncharitable as it may sound) people who are stupider and much crueler than me and you are outsmarting us. I have no answers except that I believe we can depend on each other continue doings those large and small things to bring more light to disperse the menacing gloom.
I wish us all the best, and thank you.

Sheri O. Copeland-Meadows,

Sandra Fogler,

Stephanie Truitt,
I understand what you are up against... I also believe that the whiney Dems who thought you were the Messiah haven't worked hard enough to support you. Old traditional Liberals like me are behind you 100% and appreciate you taking the stand of Statesman and ask for cooperation and compromise... you are a very find human being and we are lucky to have you. I'm behind you and I still believe.

Don't compromise with the GOP, ever. Do what you know is right, which is a tax credit for the middle class, not the 2% wealthiest Americans.

Marcia Deignan,

carol vincent,
President Obama, u were the inspiration of millions of us, we phoned, knocked on doors, had home gatherings, because we all believed in you. Yoou have done many great thigns for us these past 2 yrs, but now it seems your loosig faith in what is ahead of you. Please dont give up on yourself or us. We are still here for you, and now we need you to be here for us, more than ever before. Please dont let the republicans , and blue dog dems bring you down ..FIGHT FOR US, FIGHT FOR YOU. NOO MORE COMPROMISE...... YES U CAN, YES WE CAN

Claudia Lynch,
It is obvious that the Republicans have no interest in anything but defeating you. Don't let them get away with it.

Terence Washburn,
Cut wastefull government spending. Tax people and entities that are earning money and benefiting from the American system. They must pay for present government. Don't borrow so much money to operate the government that it mortgages the earnings of future generations. We must pay as we go. Everyone, we must pull ourselves up byour bootstraps--it is not the Presidents job to create jobs. We can create jobs. Buy at least 50% of your purchases made in America even if you have to pay a little more. Buy at least 10% of your purchases made in your state. Keep your neighbors working and they will keep you working. The things you do buy of foreign manufacture buy from those who buy from us and trade fairly.

Ernest Daniel,
Greed cannot be legislated because it is an emotion, but ethics can, Don't compromise. Not everything must go through Congress to be enacted as George Bush well knew. Don't compromise. Stop trying to please everyone. Your detractors will not stop and the Republican Party is out to get the black president. Don't compromise.

Joshua Mora,
I trust you, I trust your vision, and I am getting my lazy Generation Y friends off our butts. We need to be marching against injustices. Where is that? Please inspire all races, religions, and peoples to be more active- and fight with you. Appeal to our hearts more, and don't sugar coat anything. We must start acting like we are in charge. Please be more intellectual, and respectfull arrogant.

Lori KreniK,

God bless you and your family.

Todd McWaters,

Connie Clark,
I do still believe in Barrack Obama and sincerely hope that he can buck the crazy powers that surround us! Onward and forward, President Obama!

Ray Hayden,

Sheila Magendantz,
We are on the right track ~ we must not go back. Dear President Obama, please do not compromise on the important issues and decisions that strengthen the middle class and lift up people living in poverty. "'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.' 37 Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ 40 The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’" ~ Matthew 25:35-40
Yes, Mr. President, we still can.

Whitney Strickland,

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Click here to download a printable PDF version of Change We STILL Believe In.

With every due respect to the Barack Obama ’08 campaign, here is our updated version of the iconic poster. Feel free to download and share:
Change We STILL Believe In, with all due respect to       Change We STILL Believe In

Change We Can Believe In: 2008-1016

Barack Obama campaigning in Tampa, FL in 2008.

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