Please, President Obama, listen to us this time.

Pres. Obama

White House Photo, Chuck Kennedy, 11/3/10

Mister President: We listened to you in 2004 and liked what we heard. We watched you for the next three years and liked what we saw. We were moved by your vision in 2008 and campaigned for you. We believed in Change. We voted for you, in the Florida primaries and again in the historic November election. We stayed up that night and felt proud to be Americans.

Now, President Obama, it’s your turn. Your turn to listen to your supporters. Your turn to be moved by OUR vision. Because we still believe in the Change you campaigned for. There are a lot of us that believe our country can be great again.

  • We know the Great Recession was not your fault. But we also know that now is not the time for government to stop doing what only government can do to stimulate recovery. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know the country needs jobs. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know everyone in the country deserves health care. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know the country needs clean alternative energy sources. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know that climate change is a critical issue that must be dealt with now. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know that improving education for all Americans is crucial for us to compete in a global marketplace. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know that anyone making over $250,000 can afford to pay taxes. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know that corporations and special interests should not be controlling the political discourse by spending unlimited dollars on elections. Please don’t compromise.
  • We know that never again should Americans be “taken to the bank” by greedy gamblers on Wall Street and in our home-town banks. Please don’t compromise.

Barack Obama, you are our President. We support you and believe in you. Please listen to us, because we want you in the White House for eight productive years. Please don’t compromise. Because if you do, Mitch McConnell’s main goal of making you a one-term president will surely be the result.

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