More great comments to President Obama

The media loves to carry controversy and discord. We want to make sure that Pres. Obama knows we care about this country and support his priorities. These signers of The letter of support for Pres. Obama care and support Change We Still Believe In:

Earl Feagans,
I think you have done a great job and will vote again, get tough, just coz you are the first black president, speak louder, to everyone, you are so intelligent that most don’t even get it. Thats how the Rep’s are winning, they play on our stupidity and lack of patience. BRAVO!

I still believe the future is what we make it …
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in a final sense a theft from those who are hungry and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.”
-Dwight Eisenhower

Tim Valentine,

Carol Smouse,
Please do not back down on the tax cut extension. It is irresponsible to add further burden to our children’s future to satisfy the greedy now. You cannot make everyone happy, but keep your promise to bring CHANGE, not the same old story.

Ernest Daniel,
Greed cannot be legislated because it is an emotion, but ethics can, Don’t compromise. Not everything must go through Congress to be enacted as George Bush well knew. Don’t compromise. Stop trying to please everyone. Your detractors will not stop and the Republican Party is out to get the black president. Don’t compromise.

John J. Kamis,
Please don’t let the NeoConArtists win…

You have been doing a great job and you have kept your promises. You have great integrity and that is what matters most to me and your supporters. Aloha to you and your beautiful family

Terrie McManaman,
Pretend you’re FDR. Don’t be afraid to be hated.

Khandie Johnson,
I will compromise on increasing the middle class to 1 million annual income. Thats reasonable considering what things cost these days. But thats it. Let the rest expire. We can’t afford it.

doris Mccoy,

Sarah Goldston,
Only you can really be our voice, we were there for you so please be there for us.

Cheryl Kelly,

G. Maek Vogel,
70% supported single payer
60% support letting tax cuts for wealthy expire
Now is not the time to blink.

Kelley Gardner,
President Obama, it’s your turn. Your turn to listen to your supporters. Your turn to be moved by OUR vision. Because we still believe in YOU and the Change you campaigned for. You can find your strength in us as we have in you. We believe our country can be great again.

Please don’t compromise.

marina lawson,
Please do not give in to Republican demands – the time for partisan cooperation has come and gone.

vivian drean,

Wayne Jackson,
Mr. Obama to get this economy under control we need to stablelized the Home industries. Your administration need to do something about the foreclosure crisis.

Jason Coopman,
Eliminate tax cuts for the wealthy and keep them for the middle and lower classes. At the same time, work to keep to keep the middle class in America.
–Keep looking out for the majority of Americans.
–Know that the Tea Party is not the majority of America, and even if they don’t support you, work to make sure those that need the help get it.
–I still support you, Barack Obama!

Please President Obama fight for us and we will rally behind you like you could never imagine.

Chuck Warriner,
We’re counting on you, Mr. President. The future of our nation depends on your actions like never before in our history.

Carlton and Charlotta Cummings,
FULL SUPPORT Pres. Obama! Civics taught the Senate holds more POWER than the HOR! DEMOCRATS are NOW still in charge along w Presidential EXECUTIVE POWER! Please Pass the 200-400 bills on the table NOW. ACTION and Hardwork will start motion! U do not FIGHT ALONE. We pray for u everyday; NO WEAPON FORMED SHALL PROSPER! Please don’t cave and UNDERSTAND you aren’t standing ALONE! FULL SUPPORT!!!!

billy clark,
follow your heart Mr. President

Jane burnes leverenz,
Start thinking planetary change….God speed My Friend!

Terry Cook,
Please stop compromising with those who have no problem destroying this planet and the people living on it. Don’t believe some angel will come and fix it. We are the angels! Stand up to the destroyers!

Felencia Darius,
Like Tom Petty said; “”You can stand me up at the gates of hell, I won’t back down………in a world that keeps on pushing me around, I will stand my ground.”
You showed them your “audacity” by being a bold leader; now show your tenacity giving no quarter Mr. President. You have our support. ALL41.

Don Johnson,

patricia williams,
Don’t forget those who really believe in freedom and peace. Don’t allow the fascist far right to take us back into the religious dark ages. Where none are free. I trust my President to do the right thing.

K Amber Miller,
We voted on the basis of Hope. Now we want that Change we can believe in. I still believe: GO GET ‘EM!

If you haven’t added your comments and signature to the letter of support for Pres. Obama please click the link to do so now.

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10 Responses to More great comments to President Obama

  1. …THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!! Please, Sir, DON’T STOP!!! Don’t give in to John Boner and Bitch O’Connell!!! FIGHT for the middle class tax cuts, say NO to the 2% ers, FIGHT for DADT, the ‘Dream Act’, and EVERYTHING on YOUR agenda!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President!!!

  2. Gordon Brown says:

    Mr. President;
    Thank you for taking this country out of the nosedive it was in. I voted for the first time in my life to help elect you and I am proud of it.
    Rev. G. Brown

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