“Oh my god, have you heard this one?”

A big thank you to Rachel Maddow for her segment last night on “the alternative right wing universe.” Egged on by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, plus a host of internet posters; there is a segment of the American population believing a whole pantheon of outright lies.

The latest whopper making the rounds is that Pres. Obama’s state trip to India is going to “cost $200 million a day.” According to FactCheck.org, that’s more than the daily cost of the entire war in Afghanistan. The absurdity of this claim didn’t stop Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann from repeating the story as “fact” on CNN’s AC360 as a shining example of Obama being so “out of touch” with the American public. To his credit, Anderson Cooper called her out on the “source” of the story. Rush, Beck, Hannity and others spent the day trumpeting this trumped up story for all in their audience to get enraged about.

In this “alternative right wing universe”, as Maddow calls it, the “facts” are what they want them to be. From death panels to birthers, and now $200 million a day trips, the right wing refuses to allow facts and statistics to get in their way. As Maddow so very clearly asks, “How do you talk to these people?”

In a democracy, the discussion must continue. But, when the opposition’s viewpoint is based upon proven untruths, there can be no compromise.

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2 Responses to “Oh my god, have you heard this one?”

  1. Helen says:

    What IS true, and I SWEAR this is TRUE … You can get a FREE bumper sticker that says “Turn Off Fox News”.

    I got mine. It is soooo pretty on my car! Love you, Rachel Maddow! I appreciate your intelligence, and diligence in bringing the truth to the people. God Bless You for your vigor!!! And, oh, what a great laugh I had on this one! Have a great weekend, and every … BEAUTIFUL day! ;)

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