Powerful comments to Pres. Obama

The letter of support for Pres. Obama continues to get additional signers and powerful, heartfelt comments:

Tera Jones,

”I still have faith in you and what you are doing for this country and the world. Please stay your course and don’t compromise to those who want failure.”


Ruth E Benjamin,

“I listened when you said We are the change we’ve been waiting for .. we’re here, but we need some direction. Let’s get fired up! One Love ♥”


Tanya Garrett,

Mike McCoy,

“This is my pledge of allegience. Thank you”





“I think that because you, Mr President have come from a position of community organizing, which requires compromise, support, etc to get things done, you may think that it could work in Washington if you try hard enough…The fact is that you can only get your largest priorities accomplished by coming from a position of strength with little room for compromise…Please DO NOT compromise on the most vital interests of the middle class, we are shrinking fast, and the poor are getting poorer while the wealthy are piling on the wealth. I support you all the way and you and your family are the most refreshing and beautiful family I have even seen in that White House during my lifetime. Thank you for all you do…”

Laura Hansen,

”I still believe in you, and that God Almighty has chosen you to be our helper. To get out of this mess. You can do it. Please don’t back down from the Righties. You are a great man and I know you care about us. Love and Blessings to you and your beautiful family.( Some say you are as great a man as Mandela.”


”iwill definitely vote for you again and I have seen the beginning of change.”


Christopher Rose,

“Yes We Can !”

Betsy J Burdette,

“I support you !”

Lee York,

”Please be the person we voted for.”

Paulette Collier,

Patti Miller,

Karen Stevens,

Johnathan L Abbinett,

”We know the V.A. can be fully funded and the estimated 1 Million back-logged V.A. Claims can be handled fairly, and in a timely manner – so, PLEASE DO NOT COMPROMISE!”

Judy Vendsel,

Jeff Schaefer,
”Climate change through reconciliation.”

Jerry Blackburn,

“My Republican Father and I are very much both behind you. We are not tired of defending you from the baseless attacks of FOX news and the Republican Tea Party created by Charles and David Koch. We know, we believe, andwe are active! Whatever we can do, we want to help! “

Chris Gardner,

Sondra Ward,

Anthony Bridgeforth,

“YES WE CAN..!!!

Lindsay Schutz,

Roger Nehring,

Kym Snow,

Susan M Gile,

”Just wanted to add that, you passed a “”No Bullying Law”", now stand up to the Bully Republicans and do the right thing, Please! We stand with you don’t be afraid to do what is right.”

Debra Gross,

If you haven’t added your comments and signature to the letter of support for Pres. Obama please click the link to do so now.

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