The Fable of the Third Planet

Please take a few moments to watch our new video, The Fable of the Third Planet. Written by Joyce Weaver, the story is a compelling look at the perils of ignoring the damage we are doing to our planet. Special thanks for the outstanding voice-over by David K. Jones and wonderful photography from a variety of photographers.

For over 40 years, the government, and the people, of the U.S. have ignored one opportunity after another to change our addiction to oil. The OPEC oil embargo in 1973 was a perfect opportunity to start the change. We ignored it. President Jimmy Carter outlined his oil crisis warning in 1979. We ignored it. The Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 was a clear example of the environmental perils of crude oil. We ignored it. 9-11 bluntly showed how our oil addiction was directly funding those who most wanted to destroy our country. We ignored it.

Today, the Gulf of Mexico is threatened with a truly disastrous situation. WE CANNOT IGNORE IT.

Please share with others. This story is too important to ignore.

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3 Responses to The Fable of the Third Planet

  1. Don't Assume says:

    C’mon! Where is the proof that we are causing this?!? The climate of the third planet has been changing since it’s inception….. STFU and go back to basics!

  2. Even the recent Koch brothers funded Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project agrees the climate change is real. Where’s the proof? 97% of climate scientists worldwide agree with the scientific proof. That seems like a pretty compelling consensus from the rational scientific community. Until you can PROVE that man’s mismanagement of the planet is not causing this (and numerous other global crises), we will stick with the rational approach – humanity must change our behavior if we hope to survive. We don’t find it acceptable for people to “shut up” and accept that 2012 is “the end of times”.

    If you truly want to get back to basics, we suggest checking out Skeptical Science to take a look at reality.

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