Show your solidarity with America’s long-term jobless workers.

Show your solidarity with longterm unemployed workersThe GOP class warfare efforts are winning. Income inequality continues to rise. Unemployment numbers continue to rise. American jobs are not being created. Corporate profits are at an all-time high. But it’s not enough for the GOP leadership.

They have held hostage America’s long-term unemployed workers, successfully threatening to filibuster any extension of emergency unemployment benefits for the millions reeling from this economic catastrophe. The Number 1 priority of GOP leadership is extending the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy. Not jobs. Not the deficit. Not earmarks. GOP Job # 1 is making the wealthy wealthier. And it looks like they’ve succeeded.

Today, show your support for America’s embattled middle class and unemployed in every way that you can. Make sure your congressional representatives know that you do not support any “compromise” that extends tax breaks for millionaires for two years as a condition for extending emergency unemployment benefits for one year.

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