Change the Way You Think About Your Morning Latte – World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund does great work promoting positive change. 50 gallons of water to make one latte? Time for change.

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Koch funded study agrees, global warming real

After two years and massive amounts of data churning, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project has concluded, yes Virginia, global warming is real. Of particular interest is the fact that this study was headed by UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller and funded in part by the Koch Foundation.

Global warming

Prior to releasing the prelimanary results of this study, Muller has been one of the most quoted academics by climate skeptics. Typically, those same skeptics are now distancing themselves Continue reading

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Great video originally seen on Young and old coming together to demand change …

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Remember, only you can prevent global warming.

Only you can prevent global warming

A recent post by Jamie L. Vernon, Ph.D. on Chris Mooney’s Discover Magazine blog, The Intersection, highlights a recent report from the National Research Council. The report outlines various policy methods to reduce CO2 emissions, but Vernon stresses the importance of an effective marketing campaign to convey the importance of personal accountability in offsetting anthropomorphic climate change. Since 1944, Smokey the Bear has been an effective “spokesperson” on forest fire prevention. Vernon advocates a new campaign of a similar vein for global warming and we heartily concur!

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The assaults on our Gulf continue unabated.

What happens in state legislation surrounding the Gulf of Mexico is important to everyone, especially when laws being passed or changed are relative to the environment.

Sewage Dumping

Sewage Dumping image from Reef Rescue.

The Gulf’s $20 billion tourism industry and the muliti-billion dollar fishing industry are often the first to come to mind when thinking of the Gulf. Many of us quickly realized the large percentage of shrimp and oysters that came from the Gulf after we started seeing the affects of the BP Horizon Oil Spill. Gulf beach tourism was affected. We saw photos of oily birds and fish, and then more and more dead birds, turtles, fish, and even dolphins. The entire U.S. has felt the discomfort of rising gas prices in our pocketbooks.

Much of the pain and suffering still continues now even a year after the dreadful oil disaster. Many of us had hoped that the attention from this tragedy would help our country’s leaders, Continue reading

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Show your solidarity with America’s long-term jobless workers.

Show your solidarity with longterm unemployed workersThe GOP class warfare efforts are winning. Income inequality continues to rise. Unemployment numbers continue to rise. American jobs are not being created. Corporate profits are at an all-time high. But it’s not enough for the GOP leadership.

They have held hostage America’s long-term unemployed workers, successfully threatening to filibuster any extension of emergency unemployment benefits for the millions reeling from this economic catastrophe. The Number 1 priority of GOP leadership is extending the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy. Not jobs. Not the deficit. Not earmarks. GOP Job # 1 is making the wealthy wealthier. And it looks like they’ve succeeded.

Today, show your support for America’s embattled middle class and unemployed in every way that you can. Make sure your congressional representatives know that you do not support any “compromise” that extends tax breaks for millionaires for two years as a condition for extending emergency unemployment benefits for one year.

The Guardian: The party of the rich, by the rich, for the rich
The AFL-CIO Sen. Bernie Sanders – Today In America We Have The Most Unequal Distribution Of Wealth Since The Great Depression!
Paul Krugman: Let’s Not Make a Deal

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